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Why Online Dating Tastes so sweet at
Amourlee is an online social Dating network for men and women above 18 years of age seeking mutually satisfactory relationships. Every successful relationship is measured in how successful the partners are.


Alan & Katya
Meeting time: 2019
"We are very grateful to Amourlee for giving us the opportunity to meet each other. Our souls got connected after a few messages and letters. Alan changed my imagination about real men 'cause it's not so easy to meet them nowadays. Now we are planning our wonderful future together!"
Glen & Nina
Meeting time: 2021
"Site Amourlee helped me to find a man that gives me special emotions. He has a very strong mind and it's very interesting to talk with him. I am pretty sure that in the future we will become lovely friends and good life partners."
Frank & Olga
Meeting time: 2018
"I started using Amourlee after I broke up with my longtime girlfriend. I wasn't ready to make a commitment or start seeing people yet. It was a great place to talk to new people! It really helped me. Thanks to my darling Olga that for giving me the opportunity to believe in love again."
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